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Selasa, 17 Maret 2009

Anime Cursors Friendster Animation

Free MySpace Cursors and Anime Friendster Cursors, Pointer , Animation Pointer, Animation Mouse, Anime Cursors.

Anime Cursor codes :

The cursor Friendster is of course one of the funniest features to look forward to in your Friendster member account. You can pick from 15 ready for use cursors on Friendster CSS editor or by embedding your own customized cursors. The cursors can be general cursors like the ones you see on your operating system, or even they can be graphic photos that have an animated action included. Either way, building your own cursors on Friendster allows members to control their accounts and to make them match your personality or mood. So pop in Friendster to start making your own and unique cursor

Animated Friendster Cursors Html Code Css :

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